Quick Note: ggplot2 namespace error on loading

More than anything else this is a quick reminder to myself and perhaps anyone else who encounters this error. When running an R session with the WGCNA package loaded, i get an error with ggplot2. This is because WGCNA loads the Hmisc namespace which in turn loads the ggplot2 namesake. However, both ggplot2 and Hmisc packages are not loaded. Therefore, when  i try to load ggplot2 i get this error

Error in unloadNamespace(package) :
namespace ggplot2€™ is imported by €˜Hmisc€™ so cannot be unloaded
Error in library(ggplot2) :
Package €ggplot2€™ version 2.0.0 cannot be unloaded

I keep forgetting the load/detach/unload stuff.. so seeing that I had to google this a second time I decided to write this up so that I remember

First unload the WGCNA package


then unload the WGCNA namespace


finally unload the Hmisc namespace


and now library(ggplot2) will work as before